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United Kingdom
Hi, I'm Schmitty. I like long walks on the beach and... Oh, sorry... Wrong place...

My Art is flopping and i have taken to digital art, animation and movie making! FUN FUN FUN.
I would upload some stuff that i have done but oh woe me it's so nerdy I feel I would crumple on the floor in pure shame.

LOL, JKS! My scanner doesn't work...
A friend of mine is planning a game which he has left me in charge of the concept art...

"Set on earth, but sea levels have risen a bit so its not quite the same. Citys destroyed by nuclear war and very little rebuilding. 4 factions (3 are playable) one faction is Asian based. One is American based so much more organised military (less rust, more army issue gear) and the other is ex rebel (European) so more salvaged materials. The 4th faction isn't a faction as such, its roving bandits"

So chances are I shall be uploading a bit more than usual... Which probably stands as about one a month, if that... :P

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Ridgen Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2011  Student General Artist
Thankies for the watch Schmitty :D
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